KITTING We kitted Four Million Units in one recent year. When you have individually separate but related items need to  be grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one, we can supply these services.  Belts will coordinate the deliveries from your suppliers and assemble each kit for you. You can track these orders, kitting and deliveries via the web based customer portal of our WMS . With attention to detail, professional and on-time service, we care for your products as if they were our own.  Our kitting areas are equipped with security monitoring systems and are restricted area locations.  Our kitting programs help you get your products in any configuration  to market quicker, on budget and in perfect condition. As a testament to our production quality, Belts was selected by Seagram Americas to assemble their final Value Added Package, a valuable and distinctive Wooden Commemorative Gift Box distributed to Seagram employees worldwide.
PACKAGING  & VALUE ADDED SERVICES Value-added describes the enhancement we can gives your products before the product is offered to your customers. We handle the receipt, storage, inventory management, production, quality assurance and shipment of the materials and finished goods.  Belts can provide the facility, equipment, material handling resources and an innovative approach necessary for the success of your packaging project. Our servies range from simple to complex, which give you many options with regard to your goods, such as grouping, co-packing, display construction, adding labels and barcodes, and returns management.
  ASSEMBLY From Zodiac® boat consoles to bicycles, we can assemble it for you. Belts offers product assembly and testing at our facilities. You can store your products here, have them assembled and tested, packaged, and shipped, all with one facility. Each of our facilities is equipped with the experts and tools needed to facilitate the front and back end of your supply chain.
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